Thursday, December 22, 2005


Is it Christmas yet?????

Oh man - I just can't wait. It's soooo exciting. I got all of the presents wrapped last night - they sit in hiding - waiting to be unwrapped in mere moments.

So - I am so much worse than the girls - they are being sooo sweet. Maybe it's the fact that I gave them cake for breakfast.... I know - but I don't care. My girls eat broccoli and brussel sprouts... I don't think a couple days of crap for food will hurt. They're having mac and cheese for lunch - and that's just dairy and protein right??? All right - maybe I'll make some edamame too.

For dinner we're having something good... What was that again???

Did I mention it's Christmas Eve Eve Eve???

OH yeah - speaking of more questionable parenting... I just LOVE the holidays because every two minutes they play some sort of a Xmas show for the kids - and my kids eat it up! So not only are they eating crapola - but they are mostly glued to the tv watching "Mickey's Magical Xmas, Mickey's ONce Upon a Xmas, Mickey's Twice Upon a Xmas (not kidding)" or "My Little Pony Minty Xmas" or the old school faves "rudolph, Frosty, Santa Claus is Coming to town" the list just goes on and on....

(Oh don't worry about that either - they are so spazzed out on sugar they run around the house for 1/2 an hour (soooo not kidding here either) and then crash to watch tv - eat more crap and then spaz and run around then crash. It's a vicious cycle. But FUN!

I have to get back to my cleaning --- it's not this often that my kids leave me alone like this!

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