Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Savannah Smiles

My sweet little girl - Savannah Jane is very sick. I got her for Dan's birthday - we'll have had her for 7 years (we think!) in February.

She had a problem eating rocks over 5 years ago - and had 4 intestinal surgeries. We're now having to make some big decisions. She hasn't eaten in almost a week... and she's still vomiting and now won't take water either. I'm soooo worried - but also mad. Why are we put in this situation?? It's not that she has a life threatening disease that we're struggling to fight... it's something she's doing to herself. It breaks my heart to be in this position. Do we go all out and do the surgery and put her future quality of life at risk by yet another intestinal surgery? We were told the last time by her vet that she didn't want to do anymore - it just significantly weakens her intestinal walls. BUT - she could come out and be fine. So we are torn there - and then - we can't guarantee that she wouldn't go out and eat another rock the next day.... and we'll be back in the same situation. We spent $6000 in 2 years the last time she did this.

It really isnt' about the money - BUT it is about the use of the money. We don't know if we'd just be throwing the money away by having her pull a repeat performance right away.

Tomorrow she has an appointment with the vet. We'll make our decision tomorrow.

I know that I'll get some angry replies to this - but really - I wanted to get it out there. I knwo others have been there and I hope you understand.

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