Sunday, December 18, 2005

This hurts even more than the eye...

Ok - after an afternoon of near solitude (Anna Banana has been a model prisoner - so she received an early pardon and is quietly playing with her dolls/food/books/Little People - oh and by the way - from your emails I sense you are concerned - her prison is her cushy little Pack N Play), I've been catching up with some of my favorite blogs.

First - I realized that most people are apparently too busy with Holiday fun to blog this time of year. Second - I realized that this is the time for introspection on blogs as well as the general public... a time of reflection if you will.

So - this is what I want to share... I have had absolutely bizarre musical tastes throughout the years. Some samplings:

- Disco Duck
- The Chipmunks
- That "oh Mickey your so fine" song
- "Lookin' for love" song
- I had a bout of Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister
- I had a much longer bout of Motley Crue and other hair bands (still actually dig quite a bit of their music)
- In 6th grade I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Beastie Boys (still do)
- Then there was the soft core rap time - Young MC, LL Cool J, ya know..
- (blush) newkidsontheblock (blush)
- I've always had a deep love for that 50s/60s 'oldies' music
- I went through a very, very long term love affair with Pink Floyd (still do love em)
- The Cure

Oh my - I know there's more...

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Kelly said...

I am so sorry about your eye! Yes, all is quiet in the blog-o-sphere. I hope it livens up soon, because I too am bored, but then again I'm busy at work, so I guess its a good thing! ;)

Hang in there!