Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Savannah watch ... Day 9

Well - we took Savannah to the vet - and had a curve ball thrown at us. Her vet doesn't feel that doing the surgery will affect her future quality of life -and doesn't feel that there is any medical reason NOT to do the surgery.


There goes our moral ground for choosing not to do surgery. Our old vet - who performed 3 of the 4 previous GD rock removal surgeries told us she wouldn't do anymore...

So - the vet said the only reason at this point not to do the surgery is A) money (to to the tune of about $1200-1600) and B) the fact that she's likely to run out and do it again very soon.

So - we need to decide soon what we'll do.

I'm just not sure I'm prepared to make these kinds of decisions right now... I WANT to do the surgery. We don't have the money - but isn't that what credit is for? I just don't want to keep going down this path. The last time it was a two year, four surgery, 7 rock (she passed 3 on her own) deal. It was a lot of money, time, tears and stress. Now with Dough kid #3 on the way - I just wonder if I'm up for it again. This is already her 2nd rock eating event in two weeks.

She's slipping though... she has begun the BIG vomit... the kind where you believe that she has NOTHING left in her body...

oh yeah - did I mention that we now have to replace the carpet in two rooms - and NOW our couch?? :(

I just don't know what to do.

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