Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good-bye to the big red dog...

Well, it's done. Sadly, we had to put our sweet Savannah Smiles down today. Savannah was a birthday gift for Dan almost 7 years ago.

I miss her already - although I do still have all the vomit stains to remind me of her last days.

I don't to go into the details - but apparently it looks like she might not have eaten a rock at all... she was very, very sick. She went downhill very quickly and Dan took her in for her weekly check and the vet was shocked at how quickly she had gotten worse.

I will miss her - her super big, full tooth smiles that earned her the name... her annoying pawing at my legs, her beautiful red with black tinged coat... her big beautiful brown eyes, her funny, silly way.

Her brother Trooper is lost without her - and Julia is just beside herself. Julia has still been talking about losing Gretchen, so I know this is going to take her a while.

So - thanks for letting me vent... Savannah smiles - you will be missed.

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Kelly said...

I'm so sorry - its like losing a member of the family! Hugs!