Monday, December 26, 2005

Wow - it's over!

So the big holiday is over. This is always such a bittersweet time of year for me. I love Christmas. Every single stinking part of it - good and bad. In fact, I enjoy that time right up until Christmas Day - that my favorite time of year is the time BETWEEN Thanksgiving and Christmas - not actually the big Day. This year - all that changed.

My kids are awesome. Dan and I were lucky this year - for even though the employment situation caught us off guard and a little light in the pockets - we were blessed to be able to pull off one heck of a Christmas morning for the kids. We had lots of gift cards from various online survey sites, credit card rewards programs... and other sources. Santa already got the girls a Barbie Jeep at a smoking deal back before Turkey Day.

Now - I know what you are thinking - that there is a REASON for the SEASON - right? Listen - before ya'll jump on the holy band wagon with me. Julia GETS it. Anna isn't quite old enough - she doesn't even have a clue what happened yesterday other than - WOW lots of cool stuff showed up. Julia though, she's the first to tell you why Santa brings her presents - because it's Jesus' birthday. :) AND if that wasn't cool enough - she'll also tell you that the reason we give gifts to each other is because we love each other - and the wisemen brought presents to Jesus because they loved him. So - she gets it.

BUT - I also believe just as strongly in that 1-2 hour materialistic free for all of joy and enthusiasm. When my kids get to see that YES Santa came, and that they have lots of cool stuff to play with. There is something to be said from seeing this day through the eyes of children.. and mine are the coolest. :) Every five seconds we heard "oh wow, Santa must really love me" :)

Yes, indeed, Santa really does.

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