Saturday, January 06, 2007


Anna has a current fascination with pirates, Superman ("Superman will save the world!!") and all things Princess and ballerinas.

Now - this isn't the whole of Anna. She also digs cars, trains and blocks. Oh - and Dora. Yet, right now - she talks non-stop about the big three on top. The pirate thing comes from the Backyardigans and Dora and we're not sure at all where she heard about Superman --- but she digs him too (who doesn't really??).
So - the other night at Target we found the trifecta of Anna's passions on Clearance at Target. A pirate hook and eye patch. A Supergirl, glittery, pink t-shirt. A ballerina skirt and shoes.

Without further interruption I give you Anna.

The dancing pirate Supergirl.

This photo isn't the best at capturing the true hilarity of that moment but it's quite a feat to catch Anna when she's in motion.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I almost forgot the funniest part of this story. She would put her eye patch on and say "Ahoy matey, I cap'n Anna" and then flip her eye patch up and say "Hello. I'm Anna. How are you?" In the cutest little voice. Then with a quick flip of the eye patch she'd transform back to the dastardly Cap'n Anna.

This one isn't nearly as funny - but isn't she purdy??

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Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Awww just adorable and I think have an actress on your hands!! Drama classes are in order!


PS...How is mom doing?