Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Whoa Nelly...

I just wanted to say that I have never seen a 10 month old with a temper quite like Emma's. It is amazing to me how angry she can get.

It is impressive.

We're talking full out temper tantrums. Hitting. Biting. Flailing her little angry arms about like a full blown 2 year old.

Now that she's fully mobile she also doesn't enjoy being left alone. Even for mere seconds. She will chase you down and make sure you understand how unhappy that made her.

She even nurses angrily. While she's nursing with this sweet little serene look on her face she will kick her legs with furious abandon. She'll pinch whatever her little fingers can lazily grab. Nursing is a full contact sport with her.

The flip side of that voracious temper is hilarity. She is so enjoyable when she's not screaming or attacking you that it almost makes up for the other times. She laughs like the old wrinkly ladies drinking their lunch in Boca. You know - the leather skinned ones smoking by the pool? It's a hoarse, deep laugh. It's awesome.

Oh and she sings. Like an angel. An angel that fell and broke her wings and is in pain. But an angel. If she hears music or someone else singing, she'll do her best to imitate. and the dancing. the dancing. She really gets rocking, and smiling, and singing and tapping.

She's trouble.

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