Saturday, January 06, 2007

Don't you worry...

Don't you worry 'bout me....

My last post apparently left ya'll hanging thinking I'm sitting in my house here getting ready to end it all. Just not so.

That was a recap of 2006 and unfortunately it was definitely marked with a visit back to depression. It was a time of a huge amount of change and turmoil but also some wonderful things. It seemed that all areas of my life were forced into adjustment. It just takes a while for me to adjust to all of these things. I am. Slowly but surely.

The dark clouds are lifting - some days are still a little gray, but really I know it's fine. I'm lucky in the fact that I've suffered from the ugly beast before so I know there is an end in sight, it just sometimes feels a little far away. I know from experience that 2007 is going to be better (it already is, starting 2007 and NOT pregnant and Dan is employed and we have money in the bank account and everyone is healthy and doing well ---- definitely better than last year!).

So - don't you worry about me.

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Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

I am so glad 2007 is starting on the right foot. I miss ya chica. Miss chatting with ya!

BIG HUGS to the 5 of you!!!