Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Six...

Kelly at Missing JT Snow has us asking questions...

Here are Julia's (age 6) and Anna's (age 2 1/2) answers....

1. Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
J - Martin Luther King, Jr. was a famous guy.
A- I don't want to
2. Why was he an important man?
J- Cause he helped people get along
A- I don't know
3. What did he want?
J- He wanted people to be ummm helpful to each other
A - I don't know
4. Why is peace important?
J- Cause the world is always supposed to be peaceful
A- I don't know
5. What is the Nobel Peace Prize?
J- I don't know, for peace?
6. What are you doing to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday?
J- I'm going to spend it with my sisters and my mom but my Dad will be at work.


Kelly said...

Thanks for playing! I'm sorry Dan has to work tomorrow. I'm taking a day off!

Kami said...

Yes, yes, the world should be peaceful.