Saturday, January 20, 2007

oh maaaaaan

I love, love, love to watch people bowl. It's just one of those sports where people take their performance a little too, well... seriously. I understand bowling is a ummm *ahem* sport but it just seems slightly less technical then lets say... croquet.

Here's an example of Mr. Serious Bowler. They approach the line and stare down the pins. THen they back up with a smooth gait. Stop. One again take a menacing glare at the pins. They bring their arm back and then rush at the line. They throw the ball with super speed and no matter what they do, if it isn't a strike, they do that "oh man, damnit" jerk of their head and then sort of stomp back to wait for the return of their ball. Anything less than a strike or spare is pure bowling failure.

Tonight we took the girls bowling, what a blast. It was Julia and Anna's first time. Let me just say thanks to God for bumpers. Some of Anna's rolls ended up stopping in mid alley, others just took 20 minutes to get down the lane. It was hysterical. She loved it. We ended up being pretty competitive after our warm up game...

Julia beat us all.

"oh man, damnit"


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

WTG JULIA...we have to try that where are the pics?

How is mom recovering?


kris said...

How fun!

Just dropping by to say "Hello" was going through my bookmarks.

Think of you often - just wanted to say I miss you.

Kris & Kaitlynh