Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Feel like cooking something up....

Julia, Julia, Julia why is it always about Julia??

Julia started some activities this week... a hip hop class on Saturdays and a cooking class on Tuesdays.

The hip hop class was great and she had a blast. I could tell she felt so good dancing again. Anna was supposed to be starting a little tots dance class but they only had 2 kids signed up. She was disapointed but they are working on putting another one together for February. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she can do some dancing too.

The cooking class was THE COOLEST. For the first night they made breakfast cookies and smoothies. They are 99% hands on and learn a lot about good nutrition and healty lifestyle too since their instructor is a dietician. They sample some in class and then get to take the rest home. Next week is Turkey Chili. I'll let you know how it is!

Although it was nice not having to run a kid to and from an activity - I feel grateful that we have the opportunity to do this. I know how important it is for Julia to feel settled and these classes allow her to feel a part of the community around her and get to know some kids outside of school.

Speaking of kids, I will be having 12 little girls here (including Julia and Anna) for Julia's tea party birthday party. This is quite a jump form the initial 5 invited. It should be fun, but it does mean quite a bit of extra planning and twice the supplies.

Here are some pictures from Julia's actual birthday on the 28th.

Here is Julia in front of her birthday tree. We've done this every year we've been home for the holidays and it's a great way for me to get off my butt and get the Christmas decorations down!

A life long family friend of ours who(m???) lives here in Maine shares a birthday with Julia and they refer to each other as "birthday buddies". This was their first year to share their birthday together in person. It was special for Julia to have someone so wonderful (actually a couple someone's as Mr. Birthday Buddy joined us and their daughter J who is one of my best friends also came) celebrate with her.

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Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

I love the tree...And Miss Julia is such a big girl now that she is 6.

The classes sound like lots of fun.