Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Love the deals...

Over the last couple of days I have been in bargain shopping mode. I think I have nearly outfitted Julia for next fall and winter. I didn't want to buy too many pants since I don't really know where she'll be in a year - but I bought a couple. Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, pajamas... she's set. I think the most I spent on anything was $4.99. Some of my purchases were 90% off. I soooo love that.

I also found some clothes for Anna and Em, but they still have lots of clothes from Julia to wear. Em got some Stride Rite shoes for $6.49. We bought a couple pairs they were such a good deal.

Now I'm setting my sights on coats/snow pants for next year.

At this point, with two big bags of clothes - I think I've maybe spent $100 total, including Em's shoes. I love that feeling. I'm guessing we're not too far from the time where it WILL matter to the girls if the clothes are in season (not that it was ever much of a problem for me growing up, but I think I've established here that I'm not exactly fashion wise), but for now, I'll enjoy the super bargains.

Oh - and did I mention I bought some cute boots - with heels. Really. Heels. They aren't even slip ons or mules. Crazy I tell you. I'm getting loopy in this cold weather. Oh - and they were 75% off. LOVE IT.

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