Thursday, January 11, 2007

Party time...

It may be 2 weeks late - but we are gearing up to celebrate Julia's birthday with a party. 10 little girls will be here on Saturday in what could be referred to as a tea party melee. Julia helped me plan almost every part and is sooo excited.

I went shopping last night for supplies, decorations and what not.

Originally this tea party was going to be for a small group of 5 little girls. The party Julia and I had planned for and imagined was doable with 5. With 12 it's going to be interesting. I imagine a smackdown over the various pearl necklaces and marabou boas.

For the most part the decorations for this party are pretty inexpensive. White tablecloths, pink sparkly tulle, lacy paper doilies and flower petals. I made these little table wreaths that will hold lollipops and flowers and surround the punch bowl and cupcake tier. Throw in some balloons and a little crepe paper and we're good to go. I found some plastic faux silver serving platters and plastic white tea cups... so I think it will be precious.

We're serving peanut butter and jelly as well as ham and cheese sandwiches cut into little circles. We'll also have cheese cubes and fruit skewers. I'll put out a veggie tray for the parents sticking around. I have some little cookie biscuits to have with their "tea" (lemonade, apple juice or strawberry punch). I'm making cupcakes since my cake pans are in storage.

Julia and I are making little tea bag gift bags that have candy necklaces, ring pops and butterfly body glitter in them. These will go in their big handled goody bags with tissue paper and tulle. It will be a nice place for the girls to put their boas, necklaces, gloves and crafts in.

We'll be playing pin the butterfly on the flowers, and doing a painting craft. This is where I need help. There will be some eating, some caking and some present opening - but from past partying - I know this could take up only 1/2 hour of our time! That leaves an hour to an hour and a half for 12 little girls to be trapped inside a house with little roam for gallavanting.

So.... what are some other party games we could play with space and possibly attire (I'm guessing with the tea party theme some will have nice clothing on) being a consideration. Please help a motha out?


Kristen said...

At J's part they played musical chairs, catch the frog (like duck, duck, goose only with a princess wand) Hot tea (hot potato) and we had a princess pull string pinata. The girls really enjoyed dancing and playing tea party too. I'm sure whatever you do will be fine. They will have a blast no matter what! Happy Belated Birthday Julia!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Sounds like a party planned for a princess...cannot wait to see pictures.