Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Formula 101

Emma feels the same way I do about formula - ummm - ICK! We fought tooth and nail to get an ounce down. She loved the bottle - but only to chew on the nipple (a la' mommy - but the bottle didn't scream back), once the formula would come out - she was repulsed. She smacked the bottle away and screamed in our faces. It was all so ladylike. Julia did pretty much the same thing with her meatloaf tonight (although I will add that Julia eventually ate every bite, and said she liked it when she was done).

I've heard soy is much worse than regular formula, and yeah, it is stinky. This has nothing to do with what you did/do feed your kiddos - if you dig the smell then great - but for me - it's naseuating. I have a super smeller - and many things don't sit well with me. Most perfumes or things with perfumes in them give me one hell of a headache.

Back to the formula - we'll keep trying because my boobs LOVE that stuff. They are just thrilled at the possible chance of skipping 1-2 feedings a day.

I think we're going to try the formula in a weaker formulation for a couple days - and give it to her in a sippy cup instead of the bottle. She does pretty well with water in the sippy cup.

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Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Poor thing...I hope tomorrow is a better day...I know how sore you have been.