Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh NO!

It's so dark here! I couldn't believe it when the sun was behind the houses by 4:30pm. It was completely dark and we could put out our Luminarias by 5pm. It's Luminaria night for Julia's school - they sell Luminarias as a fundraiser to the community and then have a night where they urge everyone to put them out.

It was way too windy (as in 30 mph winds) to put them outside. We tried on the porch and tried on the ground, but the wind just picked them up and threw them around. These are heavy duty Luminarias too - with the base filled with water.

So - the Luminaria's are in the windows in the house. I bought a bunch of those battery operated tea lights on clearance at Target this week - so I don't even have to worry about fire.

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