Friday, October 20, 2006

Oh yeah - more potty talk with the Doughkids

I'm on the phone with Dan giving him directions on where the other primary school is - since he's on his way to pick up our $50 worth of Luminaria's (yeah - something like this... but not exactly - these have a base ... and yes - they were a school fundraiser thing. They saw a sucker coming!).

So... Anna comes out from the bathroom where she had followed Julia about 10 seconds before. "Mommy? Daddy has a penis"

Me - "umm, yes he does"

Anna - "Daddy has a penis"

me - "yes he does"

Anna - "I have a Julia"

OH my - she's funny.

Also on a funny vein here... We bought the How the Grinch Stole Christmas and a Grinch doll and a Max doll at Kohl's last night. Anna spent most of the night being scared of the "Grunch" and the rest of the night in love with him. This morning Julia took the Grinch to school (smuggled him in her backpack as she knows she's not allowed to take toys to school) and Anna spent about 2 hours this morning asing me for the "Grunch."



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness did you just laugh...that Anna of yours is hilarious.


Suzanne said...

Too funny. Anna is a little ham!