Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Nanny

Today I took all three girls (Julia was home sick from school - well - she had a fever early this morning) into the hospital to have Emma's outpatient testing done on her hips.

I had two separate people ask me if I was the girls nanny!!

The first lady was a patient waiting in the outer room. She laughed and said I had my hands full with 3 - and then asked if they were mine. I said yes, and she said she thought I was the Nanny, because I couldn't be young enough to have 3 kids. I told her that I was more than old enough - but Thanks!!!

Then back in the radiology waiting room, the girls were sitting across the room from me, reading Highlights magazine. One of the staff poked her head into the room, "Oh, I was just checking to see if these little ones had someone with them. They are sitting so nicely" I told her yep, they were with me. "You must be the Nanny" she said. Ummmm no? "oh wow, I definitely didn't think you could be their mom, being so young"


I'm 31. I was 25 when I got pregnant with Julia. Hardly a spring chicken.

But hell - if on a morning after I had ZERO sleep I still look too young to have a 5 year old.... GO ME!


Suzanne said...

Gotta make you feel good! :)

Anonymous said...

Yup I totally understand...I am asked many times if Aviva is you mean we do not look alike?

How did the appointment go?


Momma said...

I, myself, look too young to be the mother of a 31 year old!!!