Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I was just nursing Em and shortly after she latched on I rubbed her nose to get a little bit of sweet potato off. Well, it caused her to latch off. OH MY!

She smiled at me and her mouth was full of BLOOD and then as her smile widened, the blood started pouring down her cheek (she was on her side...). It was my boob (ya'll know I don't do the "breast" word) bleeding (it wasn't as much blood as it sounds since I believe it was just heavily concentrated in the milk so it looked like more)!

Funny thing is - I actually grabbed the camera to take a picture but I forgot the battery is charging.

Now, I'm not new to the breastfeeding thing, (I've nursed for 44 months out of the past 5 years) so although it sounds disgusting it's what is best for my breast and doesn't hurt her - so I latched her back on... blood and all. She nursed contently and fell asleep with a big old smile on her face. BIG old smile.

Here's the thing - with Em's new sleeping issues, I'm pretty sure she's been bitten, and yes, by a vampire. She doesn't do much sleeping at night - (not a whole lot during the day either so maybe I'm off here, or perhaps she was bitten by a hybrid vampire...) .

I'm gonna hold a mirror up to her quick and see if her reflection still there. Yep. We're good.


Anonymous said...

Oh cannot get a break.

I hope something changes for the better tonight.


Kelly said...


How is your Mother doing?

Het said...

She's doing well - she's in Colorado right now with my Dad picking up two new Mastiff puppies. They begin their journey back to AZ tomorrow. She's OK, hanging in there. She has her follow up next week so we'll find out more then. Thanks for thinking of her!