Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween TV

The planets have aligned (sick baby that demanded cuddling, migraine headache and lack of sleep all around) so that I have had to employ the great electronic babysitter to watch Anna yesterday. The almighty TV. Anna perched on the bottom of my new recliner to watch hours and hours of TV yesterday. Ok - I know... bad mommy. Whatever. I tried to read her books, but she doesn't have much patience for that.

I have a lot to say about the parenting on kids shows, it's just kind of hard to tell you after I just admitted that I let my 2 year old watch approximately 3 times the recommended amount of tv (and we all parent by strictly adhering to what the experts say, right???). That's not even really true, because there are actual people, with degrees mind you, that have said zero screen time for kids 2 and under. Yeah - I don't think so. Anna loves her some Dora, HI-5 and Little Einsteins.

I know I'm expected to suspend belief in watching children's programming - but some things just bug me!

So - who the hell lets their 6 year olds out till midnight on Halloween? Dora's parent's - that's who. SERIOUSLY. Mami and Papi Explorer - CPS is coming for you. A monkey is not an appropriate babysitter either, they eat poop. And she didn't even go home at midnight. That little delinquent was just getting the monster party started at midnight.

I can NOT be the only adult watching Handy Manny and not laughing their ass off, right? I know Wilmer Valderrama is involved with the show (well, he IS Handy Manny)-so I don't think I'm just reading too much into it - but there are some interesting word choices. I mean come on - this grown man is just wondering around town with a bunch of "tools" all day. He's constantly using his little tape measurer, "Stretch" to talk about 6 inch peices of wood.

Speaking of children's programming - we are Steve people. On Blue's Clues we have noticed that people are either Joe people or Steve people. I think it has a lot to do with when Blue's Clues was introduced into your house. Anna shocked us all the other day when she incorrectly called Steve, "Joe". Uh uh , she didn't!!!! I made sure to clear that up for her lickety split. We watched 2 episodes in a row with Steve just to make sure she got the point.

Ok - one last note - in the Halloween Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode, Mickey and gang needed to get to Pete's party by the full moon, they start out with a crescent moon. I'd like to know who gets dressed up for Halloween and spends almost a lunar month traveling to a party.

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