Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good Morning Starshine...

This morning involved getting all 5 of us Dough people up and dressed and out the door by 8am. For most of the world this is probably a normal, even mundane thing. For us... an exercise in precise planning and execution.

So this is how it all played out - I refused (and adamantly so I might add) to get my butt out of bed by 745am. This would be because I was able to go to sleep for the first time at 740am. Not kidding. Dan was up and showered and mostly dressed. This is a big thing for Dan to be the first one ready.

Julia was next up and headed downstairs and proceeded to dress herself out the 4t box of clothes that was accidentally brought into the house when we unloaded the moving van this weekend. Nevermind that she was a 4T approximately 3 years ago.

I get out of bed and hand the baby to Dan. I grab the closest clothes to me (last ones in the hamper) and struggle to gain the coordination it takes to get dressed while standing. At this time, now that I'm vertical, I realize that the entire left side of my head is on fire. Oh goodie. This means that the combination of zero sleep and sinus pressure is resulting in a migraine. Lovely.

Dan takes Emma Leigh and Anna and carries them downstairs. Anna goes back to sleep on my comfy new recliner and Em happily bounces in her new favorite thing on Earth - the Jumperoo.

I redress Julia in clothes that fit her, decide that Em and Anna's pjs are good enough for the commute from house to car and back again.

Make sure Julia has a portable breakfast, a snack and lunch money. We all load into the car and drive Dan to work. No traffic and we made good time.

Now - even though I have to pass Julia's school to get back to the house, she really wants to ride the bus. (I'm definitely not unhappy about this since riding the bus means I do not have to unload all three kids and drag them to the front door for drop off and then load the two car seat challenged kids back in.) Looking at the time I realize we will be cutting it awfully close. As we turn the corner to the main road outside our neighborhood - OH NO! The bus. I notice she has her turn signal on, so I too turn left. Then I stalk (in reverse) her to her next stop and beg her to take my kid. Of course she does... and the remaining three of us head back home.

It's time for breakfast for the little two, change diapers, get dressed and then head right back out as Em has her appoitnment with the specialist this morning. That pretty much means my nap is screwed, I mean, the girls naps.

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Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

I hope the appointment went well today.