Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bite me

Today Anna went to her first visit to the dentist and it went swimmingly.

She has some weirdness on one of her canines so I just wanted to get it looked at to make sure it wasn't a giant cavity eating away at one of her teeth. It's not. It's just some enamel scaling. I guess it's developmental and it happens when it's bumped early on in development while the enamel is forming. So - no biggy.

Anna hopped up on the chair and said "ok, I open my mouth" before the dental hygenist had much to say. I guess the prompting about what happens at the dentist helped. She charmed the pants off everyone in the office just like she does just about everywhere she goes.

I think we'll be fine when she goes in for her first cleaning in 6 months.

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