Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Geezum crow...

Whadda morning I tell ya!

Julia is driving me crazy. I feel like I have no idea how to help my kid. She is just a wreck. She has 2-3 angry outbursts every afternoon - I mean full out throwing stuff, screaming out loud kind of outbursts. 5 year old sized temper tantrums. Then - she's either hyper like a mad woman or she cries all the time and is just miserable. She's been like this for about three weeks. My suspicions are that she's still fighting off her cold and not getting enough rest. I also think that with Em being sick and getting more attention again she's feeling slighted. I'm trying to give Julia as much attention as I can - but I am only one person and right now with a sick baby who is miserable with a cold it just isn't enough.

Anyway - back to my point.

We've been dealing with this whole "I don't want to go to school" thing for 3 weeks now. Her teacher is aware of it and is watching to see if anything is going on - but says that as school she's fine. No crying and she behaves really well. Her suggestion was that maybe the newness of our situation is wearing off and she's reacting to all the change of the last year. I think she might be on to something. She recommended that if we were really worried about her behavior that we could contact the school social worker/counselor and talk with her. We're considering it.

This morning after a harried race around town to drop Dan off ... Julia decided she didn't want to ride the bus this morning - which was fine - I had the car and could drop her off. Then we got to school and Anna and Em were sleeping. I was lucky enough to get the front of the line so I could drop her off. She wouldn't go. First she was crying that she was still sick (more like tired - but no fever and no other symptoms so off she goes), then she was crying that she didn't want to go in alone. I told her I would get her sisters up and take her in, but then she was upset that i had to wake them up. Then she was crying that her bus wasn't there yet and she didn't want to walk into school. Then she was crying when the bus did come that she didn't ride the bus. Then she was sobbing that she didn't want to go to school and to PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE let her go back home with me.

Thank goodness her friend M pulled up and asked her if she wanted to walk in together.

Of course Julia put on a big smile and happily walked with her... S L O W L Y of course. I had to circle back around to make sure they walked into the school.

So - I'm going to give her the rest of this week to feel better and catch up on her sleep, I'm also going to enforce rest time after school. If that doesn't help then I think I'm going to talk with the counselor just to see if she has any suggestions for me.

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Suzanne said...

Big *hugs* to Julia! Hang in there kiddo!