Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sickness - thee have invaded....

Yes - 2/3 Doughkids are sick, sick, sick. Julia is hopefully on the up end of it - after having a low grade (100 degrees or so) for over a week and a nasty, nasty cough. Em is having a much rougher go of it. Today we had a hard time staying on top of her fever - which hovered around 102 degrees for most of the day - and went as high as 104 degrees.

Poor baby. She has pretty much just laid on us and slept all day. Moaning and whining. She'll nurse for short amounts of time but then falls asleep. We're working on alternative nursing positions so she can be more upright when she nurses - that seems to help a bit. She will take small amounts of water in her sippy cup too.

The last two nights she won't sleep in her crib - even with it elevated and so I've had to sleep in my recliner with her.

I'm not really sure what gets to me more - the moaning or the sad little feverish look in her eyes.

I hope she's well enough to get her flu shot next week!

I'm praying Anna doesn't get it - since each time she gets a respiratory problem it's a long month to recovery and has included bouts of pneumonia.

Did I mention I have a sty in my eye? No? Yeah - so feel for me will ya???

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Anonymous said...

That's no fun....we've been battling a bug since Halloween. I hope you guys are feeling better soon!