Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I will die from her cuteness...

I looooooooove me this costume. She loved playing with her little dangling eyes. I still giggle every time I see this picture!

Anna showed us all how to Trick or Treat. She was hilarious yelling to me from each doorstep as she held up her loot to show me... "yook momma, CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNYYYYYYYYY" When we got home Anna was recapping, "momma, we went to a house, and said, 'I want canny' an den, we got some, den we go and said 'I want canny' and we get some more" It was hilarious. She lucked out too, she decided at the last minute she wanted to dress as a spider, and when we unpacked her costume it was a spider witch costume! She was appeased with all the spider webs and spiders on her little dress.
And then there is our veteran Trick or Treater. Julia could not wait to get out and get that candy. She was so sweet, she'd tell each person "thank you, Have a Happy Halloween" as she got her loot and walked away. She did a great job in showing Anna the ropes. She had a great time, but was ready for bed as soon as we got home.
All in all we had a great night. Our favorite stop was this beautiful home with a long winding driveway. They had gone all out decorating the driveway with fog machines, sound effects, and decor. At the house they had a little area for the kids to get their treats, and for the adults, a tiki bar complete with a bartender for adult trick or treating. Straight from the bottle you could pick your poison. Dan and I shared a nice Halloween Ale as we walked down the tree lined streets in the balmy high 50 degree weather. The kids were comfortable in their double layers of long sleeved t's and leggings instead of the coats and snowpants people taunted us with. The witches didn't fight with each other, Em was charming and all was well in our little corner of New England.


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Oh My Goodness are they adorable. I love Miss Em's costume!


Regal said...

awesome photos

CrazyRN said...

What adorable T or T's!! Em's costume looks nice and cozy! It sounds like your family had a great night!