Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How cool is this?

Rashenbo has been reading all the NaBloPoMo participating blogs this month and reviewing them.

I'm so excited that something nice was said about my 911 call post!

I know people read this blog because I see the stats, (and now even more people are stopping by because of the super cool NaBloPoMo Randomizer) but not exactly inclined to comment. This of course is perfectly fine with me, since I rarely comment on other blogs because I'm usually surfing with one hand while I nurse Em. It is ultra excellent to know someone else liked something I wrote.

So thanks! :)


Rashenbo said...

I like visiting your blog! I've been a little busy lately :) but it's still nice to poke around and see how folks are keeping up with the posts!

Kelly said...

What a very nice compliment! Its always fun to now people are reading and that people like what they read! Good for you!