Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kelly at Missing JT Snow has us asking our kidlets questions for the Sunday Six. This week we're talking about Thanksgiving. Here are Julia (5) and Anna's (2) responses...

1. Do you like to eat Turkey?

J- Yes I do

A- Yeah

2. Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

J - So we can harvest turkey

A- I like to eat cheese too

3. What other foods do you eat at Thanksgiving?

J- I don't remember, umm vegetables like potatoes

A- umm - cheese

4. Which would you rather be, a pilgrim or an Indian? (why?)

J- a pilgrim, why? cuz I don't know

A - an Indian cuz

5. Where do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

J- with your family

A - ummm cheese

6. Do you have a special tradition for Thanksgiving, if so, what is it?

J- me and my family eat lunch and dinner at the table all together, and we watch the parade.

A ummm the dora parade


KC said...

ummmmmmmm cheese.
too cute. Great sunday six
we played also.

Tracie said...

Hey Heather,
Blast from the past!! Your little girls are adorable. I got your blog off of Suzanne's, hope you don't mind.