Tuesday, November 14, 2006


ahhhhh ha - look what blogger spit back out! :)

Our DVR only made it to Wednesday of our trip before it was full. I guess I should have deleted all the kids shows first. OOPS.

So - in plowing through 5 days of shows it was easy to hit the erase button on some shows. So - here is what we're watching and what's been shelved...

Heroes - not sure. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I am bored to tears. I'll keep watching.
Studio 60 - LOVE IT. I love Matthew Perry. LOVE him.
What about Brian - I keep trying to like this. Lately I like it better. So glad that the open marriage thing ran it's course.

The Unit - love this show... Scott Foley is such a hottie and I love me some Dennis Haysbert
Standoff - this show is super cheesy but Dan and I both find ourselves enjoying it
House - just about my favorite show on TV. Damn good stories, medical stuff and acting is awesome.

Biggest Loser - I like this show because I can watch it in 32 minutes on the DVR - these people are inspirational and amaze me
Bones - another one of my favorite shows, crazy stuff to see here. I really like Emily Deschanel
Jericho - It's pretty good, but it's on the fence as to whether we'll stay with it...
Top Chef - Haven't gotten into it the way I did last year, but another one that I can watch in about 30 minutes
Lost - I'm enjoying this season - but I don't find myself as drawn to it as I was last season

Shark - probably going to have to ditch this one soon. It's been good but it can drag - and it can't compare to the rest of Thursday night.
Ugly Betty - Yeah - I'm on this bandwagon. Good stuff. Damn funny.
Grey's Anatomy - This is still some good tv. I really liked Chris O'Donnell - so sad to see him go.
The Office - probably the funniest show on TV
My Name is Earl - I don't quite enjoy this as much as I did last season but it's funny and worth the time.
30 Rock - I just can't get into this show. I'm trying because I love Tina Fey - but I think it's a done deal for me.

Numb3rs is the only game in town for me on Friday. I just love this show. I still have a mad crush on David Krumholtz (Joel Glicker from Addams Family Values ya'll!)

Ummm - nothing much

Desperate Housewives - ummm - ok. The last couple of episodes have been pretty good but this is a ho -hum if I have time for it kind of show now...
Brothers & Sisters - This is probably my favorite new tv show of the season. It makes me almost want to have a big family. Except for that pregnancy thing and of course the baby thing and small child thing. My only pet peeve is that Calista Flockhart looks like she had a lot of work done. Did she? or is it just her growing older? It's disturbing to watch.

What are you watching?

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Anonymous said...

Masterpiece Theater on PBS, especially when there is a good Brit mystery/thriller on. BBCAmerica for various crime, mystery or thrillers. Prison Break on FOX. ER, still love it after all these years. Law & Order: Criminal Intent...there's something about Detective Goren!
The Office is surely the funniest show in prime time.
Amazing Race in the 'reality genre'.