Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wonder of wonder, Miracle of Miracles

Ok - besides the chance to quote anything from Fiddler... I totally forgot to tell you about the 2nd most, ok maybe 3rd most, exciting thing that happened on our trip to Michigan...

Drum roll.

Dan and I went on a real date.


As in - without three kids. Without ANY kids.

There was good food and alcoholic beverages. Even a stop at the drugstore for condoms (and baby food - lmao!!! I will also add that the stop was unnecessary on both counts!).

Dan's mom went solo with all three kids in what turned out to be the most harrowing 2 hours of her life. Dan's dad ditched his mom to go to a funeral out of town at the last minute, so she was all by herself with my kids.

No matter what she's done in her life, she might have just got her big IN to the pearly gates. Apparently Emma decided she was done about an hour into the night - and screamed her bloodcurdling screams for the remaining 45 minutes.

We went to the Japanese steakhouse in town and had sushi and teppanyaki. It was awesome. I had a wonderful glass of Riesling and then some warm sake. Will definitely do the wine again as it was delicious and a perfect complement to my food - but the sake was scary. Like warm tequila.

We sat at a teppan table with two other couples: an older couple that was dating and two sisters. Our table chef was hilarious - raunchy and fun.

Em started smiling as soon as we got home, and Anna was so glad to see me. This was nice because Anna had been anti-mom for the past 5 days.

We will continue our search for a good sitter here in Maine since it was too nice to wait another 2 1/2 years to do again.

Where do you find your babysitters?????

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Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

BABYSITTER---please explain what this is.

I am so happy you went on a real date. Been a very long time for us.