Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I have time alone!

Dan took the girls to go grocery shopping since my head was spinning around in circles

SO ----

What are you getting your kidlets for Xmas this year?

Julia wants a Barbie Jeep - as in a vehicle for her Barbie's, and some fingernail polish. These things will be do-able.

Anna wants everything she sees. Thank goodness for Noggin and ad free TV. She wants the Dora Kitchen (but we already have a kitchen - so this will be a no go) the Bounce and Spin Zebra, and just about anything else she sees. We'll do the Bounce and Spin since Em will also get good use of it soon.

Emma won't be getting much - but we'll probably get her the Roll a Rounds Drop and Roar Dinosaur thing and probably some books.

Julia and Anna will each get a new Barbie, some books and more board games. We'll bulk up on craft supplies. We bought the girls a set of different musical instruments. We don't have the room for big toys and after living lean for almost 5 months I realize we don't need junk toys. We are going for the quality v. quantity this year. We'll probably do a big present for each kid from generous Meemaw and Poppa (ideas???) and then Santa will bring something nice too. Maybe ice skates or snow shoes? Or a big sled?

Then I have Julia's birthday present to think of... maybe dance lessons for the Spring? With new dance shoes and a new dance outfit?


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

That sounds good...Aviva is getting Disney Fairy stuff, Little Mermaid items, books, Crayola stuff, DVD's and some arts and crafts stuff.


Suzanne said...

Quality is much better than quantity!

My kids are getting the much coveted Slurpee Machine (I hear their *need* for it every day!), books, board games, matchboxes, barbie, clothes.