Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Separation Anxiety

So - what do you do with an 8 month old with a severe case of separation anxiety coupled with the complete inability to self soothe?

Yeah, I so don't have the answers, that's why I'm asking you oh smarty pants internet.



I'd like to be able to leave the room without my baby trying to kill herself from her misery. (Oh and that's not too much of a stretch..... while I was on a 1.5 minute potty break earlier she screamed so hard she was choking. In just over one minute. Really.


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Anonymous said...

Please, please let me know if you find anything that works as my wife and I are ready to jump off a cliff with this same thing. Our daughter was also born in March and is 8 months old. She screams even when she can "see" us in the kitchen about 15 feet away, and now she will NOT SLEEP ANYWHERE BUT IN BED WITH US. We've tried EVERYTHING....I mean it, EVERYTHING including letting her "cry it out" and she only proved she can cry for hours and end up a sweaty, red-faced mess. The kicker is, she will nap in her crib fine during the day!?!?!? We've tried leaving lights on so it "looks" like day time....sleeping on the floor in her noise...even bringing her pack'n'play back into OUR bedroom...NOTHING WORKS!!! You can e-mail me directly at as I just stumbled upon this page from a google search one sleepless night, thanks!