Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ummmm... hello

This is the email I recently received from a reputatble parenting website about my "30 month old"... also known as Anna.

Your child is becoming increasingly good at matching words with the objects they describe. She can name a few body parts, some colors, and even a friend or two. You can help her improve her verbal skills by giving her details. If she says "Dog sleep," for example, you might say, "Yes, Spot is curled up and fast asleep on the chair." She can't imitate your complex language patterns just yet, but she's learning more all the time.
Learn more fascinating facts about
your 30-month-old's development.

Wow. I guess I didn't realize that her verbal skills were so advanced. She's been talking in complete sentences for months now. Yesterday I heard her tell Julia "Wow Julia, that's hiwarious. You crack me up!!" HILARIOUS. That's the kind of words my 30 month old uses. She uses her pronouns correctly, she uses 3-4 syllable words on a regular basis. She knows and uses about 50 signs. We're a good 6-9 months past "dog sleep".

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