Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm settling in to life back in my hometown. It's hard to ignore the pull of nostalgia where every turn is indeed a memory. It doesn't hurt that I enjoyed growing up here, and don't have too many negative memories about the town I called home for a long time.

Things do change, and there is evidence of that here, but it isn't necessarily change in a bad direction.

I would love to make this area home for my children someday, but to be able to do that, the economony in the area needs to improve. There needs to a good job base for Dan to be able to live here without working for the one show in town.

My kids played at a park yesterday where I spent many, many days of my life watching my brother play little league baseball, swimming at the pool, and the shadows of my intermediate school.


Momma said...

Having a cry!!!!

Kelly said...

I love it when I take Jack to my hometown. The things that amazed me as a kid have him amazed as well. Too fun!

Suzanne said...

Good ole N.E.!

Glad you're enjoying your visit!