Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And I've already been up for an hour!

It's amazing - the only thing that can account for being up before 8am - hell 9am - is a road trip, illness or cute kids. Sometimes on a day like today it's a combination of both.

Anna decided getting up early was a good idea. She was up at around 6am. Dan brought her into me - and we cuddled for a while. This particular morning this consists of her laying still for about 5 minutes then switching positions and trying again. After about 30 minutes of this - alternating with me coughing up a lung - I beg dan to take her far, far away so that I can attempt to breathe without Anna pressing her head into mine (her favorite way to fall asleep - forehead to forehead).

30 minutes later - he brings her back. She's obviously not the least bit tired and now wired on yogurt covered Cheerio's. But she's damn cute and knows it. She's giggling and being silly. Eventually after a couple minutes of this - she wakes up Julia - who has also chosen our bed this morning to spend her early daylight hours. These two are now apparently working on their comedy routine. Then they decided to wake up the baby (yes, she's still in utero) - so they are yelling into my belly - "WAKE UP" and giving her raspberries. This works and number 3 begins kicking up a storm.

It's futile to resist their giggling and silliness. So - here I am. Awake - out of bed. The girls are continuing their fun - Julia is telling Anna what they will be doing at each step of their day and Anna just shakes her head in adoration and says "okay".

I am waiting for Julia to tell me when my nap time is. I guarantee I'll just shake my head in adoration and say "okay".

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