Friday, February 10, 2006

Where's my man??????

I guess my bitchy pregnant self shouldn't have told Dan to get a girlfriend! He's out now and I'm home alone with the super sick kid.

Oh - did I mention that Dan's out with Julia Doughkid - they are going to their 2nd Annual Daddy/Daughter dance. :) sooooooooooo cute. Julia is so proud to be out with her Daddy - although she was giving him shit about his shoes! ;)

Anna Banana is officially sick - sick. Instead of just the allergy stuff we've been dealing with for about a month - she has a fever and is super lethargic. poor baby!

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Momma said...

There weren't any comments here, so the only thing I could figure is that all of your regular readers are busy doing something else. There's no way they could look at the picture of your most handsome husband and most beautiful "princess" daughter, and not comment.