Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You know it's bad when....

You heard about the beginning of my night... Anna still up at midnight? Well - it went down from there. Julia and Anna tag teamed us all night with their coughing and fevers. It was fun - to the tune of still awake when the sun comes up kind of fun.

Finally at 630a, both girls were asleep. I fell asleep. Woke up at 1030a and counted my lucky stars it wasn't 7am!!!!

I then had to explain to Julia that she couldn't go to school - even though it was her super cool Valentine's day party. Her little heart was broken. She had spent SO much time working on her Valentine's Day cards for all her friends and teachers. Through her tears she says "It's ok if I can't go momma, I don't want to get my friends sick". that's my girl!!!!! I ended up buying her a Princess movie to give her for Valentine's Day for being such a special friend. Then - tears again when she realized that she also had to miss her Ballet class party.

After all this fun... we had to all load up in the van and head to my OB appt to get a non-stress test (NST) which is a fun hour away. SO - I pull into the parking lot (on time!) and there are no parking spots - so i have to park in front of the dumpster... then Anna is in mid-coughing fit and vomits all over herself from coughing so hard. I call Dan and ask him to call my ob and tell them I'll be a couple minutes late - and they can check the parking lot if they need to - and to call the girls doctor to see if they can get in. Now I have to get Anna out of her vomit covered clothes - and that's when I discover the poopy diaper. You have to be freaking kidding me... I have to now clean vomit and SHIT! I don't think so.

Yes - I cleaned her up - but discovered that in my mini-van full of everything else under the sun - a change of clothes is not in the cards... I find a little tank top - no pants.

Now we head to the OB - and wait in line to sign in. I get signed in and then Receptionist lady (who is really nice - but got the smack down from me today!!) called me up to tell me that since I was late they probably couldn't get me in.

Let's just say I'm not proud of how I handled this. I lost my shit. Right there in front of all the other pregnant women and women just coming in to get their hooha's hooked up. I started sobbing. No sleep, stress of the last 6 months, a month of sickness in my sweet Doughkids, my own exhaustion and a tiny thing called an hour plus drive to get to this freaking office all came up. Not to mention that I had to point out I was stuck in their parking lot cleaning up puk and shit - in an illegal parking spot because they don't have enough parking for days like today when EVERY FUCKING pregnant woman has to be in their office. Then I also have to point out that I was 9 minutes late. 9 FUCKING minutes late. She had the balls (God bless her) to point out that I signed in at 15 minutes after. ... so I had to so nicely point out that I had to wait in FUCKING line to sign in. Now I'm on a roll - and once I'm on a roll - you are in trouble. I took this time to also point out that my appointments vary from 1-2 hours and that I usually spend 10-20 minutes in the waiting room so I think they could give me 9 minutes. Did I mention i hadn't slept or that I'm 34 weeks pregnant??? oh yeah - I have really sick kids with me because everyone keeps telling me I absolutely HAVE to do this test two times a week - and it has to be at least three FUCKING days apart. ok - I didn't really swear at her. I PROMISE. Not even once. Really. I did sob though - and I did say those things - minus the swearing.

She got me in.

Now it's appointment time and the Doughkids were Troopers. For an hour Julia entertained her sick little sister. The baby was more cooperative than usual and the nurse could tell I just wanted out. My BP was a little high - but they were sure it was in normal limits. Apparently the only problem was that my pee was the color of mud. I guess it's a bad thing. So - they did some thing to check it and I was read the riot act. All about how seriously dehydrated I was and that if I was like this on Thursday they would admit to the hospital for fluids. ok - i barely got past the word hospital. I bet I could take an uninterupted nap there.... but of course - I'm so tired and cranky I also point out that I'm normally very hydrated. the nurse agrees. It says so in my chart. WHAT?????? they are tracking my pee in their charts???

Now we are done - load the sick kids in the car. I start to head home when Dan calls to say that he needs to call back at 5pm to see ifthe girls get in to their doctor.

At 5:05 I am at the doctors office. Dan calls to say that I can get them in at 6:45. what am I going to do with two sick kids for almost two hours???? Well - I hit Toys r US. I need to buy Anna an outfit to wear... and then pick up 1-2 small things for baby to be, and the aforementioned princess DVD.

Yes - I know - get the hell on with it already.... ok to wrap it up.

Julia - OK - has a cold, keep an eye on her. Drugs with codeine to help limit her coughing up a lung at night and hopefully she'll sleep more than 6 hours tonight.

Anna. She's one sick little puppy. after a month of illness - she has ANOTHER ear infection (first one was a month ago!!) - this time a double. She is also borderline for pneumonia. If she's not better by Thursday - she has to go in for the chest x-ray. So she's on multiple drugs.


One kid is down and out at midnight - and it looks like mini-me might be out soon too. Damn - I'm going to bed!

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