Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Six - Food ya'll!

My good friend Kelly at Missing JT Snow has given up our Sunday Six assignment...

The idea is to post answers to the following six question, but the trick is to get your kids to answer them! If you don't have kids, use your imagination... Get your pet, co-worker, neighbor, your elderly family member, roommate, significant other, etc. Better yet... try to answer them yourself like you are a 5 year old!

Here are Miss Julia's answers to the Sunday Six...

1. What is your favorite meal? "ummm - Mcdonalds"

2. What is your favorite dessert? "ummm - ice cream and lollipops and sugar"

3. Why do we eat food? "cause it will help us grow"

4. Where does milk come from? "cows"

5. Where does bread come from? "I don't know"

6. What do you not like to eat? "spicy chicken AND I don't like peas"


Joanna said...

You rule, Julia. I don't like peas, either. Eww!!!

Kelly said...

IF you don't have ice cream or lollipops - just go with sugar, of course! ;) Adorable - thanks for playing!