Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Give my man a job - PLEASE????!!!!!

We have some promising things going on in the world of job hunting. Let's just say one of the companies on the top of Dan's list has called him to chat. Then they wanted to set up a time to call back and chat some more. They even used the word "relocation". I can't give any details - but let's just say it's NOT Ben and Jerry's (DAMN THEM.... do they not understand what kind of amazing things my man could do for them???? 1/2 of our t-shirts from the 90s are of B&J... jeez - half my ass is B&J). We love you B&J!!

This job would require us to relocate to a VERY, VERY cool place - also at the top of our relocation list. Dan would kick ass working for this company. He's very qualified AND they would have a to offer him in terms of marketing education. It's damn near a perfect fit.

So - come on. Someone needs to give this man a job.

Yeah - I'm about to go off here - so either strap in or get out...

I am at a complete loss as to why people aren't beating down our door (or using the phone) to get my man to work for them. A COMPLETE LOSS! He is an amazingly hard worker... he's had a full time job since he was 16 years old - and his Senior year in high school had 3 jobs. He worked full time at a restaurant, part time in a meat market and then on weekends he worked doing landscaping and grunt work at a golf course. Oh yeah - he had his best year in high school too. He graduated and to help pay for school, joined the Marine Reserves. Then he spent the next forever at boot camp and then schools for his training. Then he came back, worked full time, went to school and did his Marine stuff. Then we got married moved out here - and he did the same thing. He worked his fanny off. He was working as a restaurant manager, he was the NCO in charge of training for his Marine unit (which meant he even worked when it wasn't drill weekend!), was in school with 18 credits and then started a family.

For the last 4 years he's worked his butt off in marketing. Working for a great company but quite frankly - some questionable management. He decided to stay in his position because it would be conducive to getting his MBA. So - for the last 1 1/2 years he's been an amazing dad and husband (coaching teams, going to dance classes - this is a man who is there for his family), working above and beyond his job description taking his market off the charts in terms of numbers and getting his MBA. Oh yeah - did I mention - he gets good grades too?

When the big shit can of 2005 occurred in December - he had so many people calling to offer letters of recommendation and remark upon what a loss it was for the company to lose a guy like him. (Trust me - if I was allowed to get into the details I would... it's one hell of a story.) They meant it too. I truly believe he's better off - much, much better off.

So - where does this leave us. Oh - unemployed. His former employer in their normal - non organized manner - still has not paid his last expense check (which should help us pay bill in March!), and hasn't signed off on his paperwork for unemployment - which they received well over a month ago. The guy from AZ Unemployment told Dan "wow, I've never really dealt with a company that knows less about what they are doing than this one." :) Yeah - we know.

Some of ya'll have asked if I would post his resume here - but in order to maintain a certain amount of anonymity - I'd have to slice and dice it. But thanks for the offer ya'll.

So - we're just hoping it's a matter of time before someone realizes what a catch he is... because he is.


Momma said...

If I wasn't already married, and you weren't married to him, I'd marry him.

becky said...


There is someone in my office that used to work for B&J. I don't know where you are in that process, but if that's something you'd like to pursue, I'd be happy to check with him to see if he has any connections.

Just email me.

Joanna said...

i would guess that the current state of the economy may be having some influence - plus the fact that it's january. companies are doing the taxes and the oh sh*t numbers and stuff right now and plus financial forcasts are pl, om,loi (says lily) pointing toward a recession. hang in there dan!