Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stop this ride... I want to get off

I'm so tired. It's 3am and the banana is still wired and giving belly raspberries. Which is frustrating but awfully damn precious.

Julia just had herself one heck of a coughing fit, almost to the point where she's vomiting. So - realizing it was 6 hours later - gave her another dose of her Tussin with Codeine.

At this point - AFTER I give it to her I realize that it's prescribed to give as ONE dose at bedtime - not every 6 hours. So what the hell - Now I'm O'ding my kids on codeine????

Like the painfully unprepared dork that I am - I grab the computer and look up poison control - AND robitussin/codeine overdose info. in the meantime - danny smarty pants has taken the bottle and gone into another room. i'm cursing him under my breath for not helping... and then 2 minutes later he walks back in and informs of what the pharmacist just told him... apparently I won't be going to hell for overdosing her. It is safe to be prescribed every 6 hours... so she should be absolutely fine. He was just concerned that it only lasted 6 hours - when it should hold her over all night.

Ummm - sorry Dan.

Now - I know you all love Dan and are decided on the fact that I'm a psychotic b i t ch - and you're right. BUT here is Dan's rationale for not calling Poison Control: they track that information and would report us to CPS and we'd lose our kids. Yeah- he's rational! ;) I did point out that it's the parents ODing their kids and NOT calling poison control that are the CPS problem... not parents who are too stupid and tired to read the label before giving their kids their actual prescribed meds. Those moms just get taken away by trained medical staff and get to go sleep in a luxorious hotel room with lots of drugs of their own to help them sleep in a big fluffy bed with a crisp, clean white down comforter. then they bring you yummy, healthy professional chef catered meals when you want them. oH yeah - and good desserts. then you get to sleep some more. Right????? right?????????????????? right?????????????????????????


Momma said...

You do need some sleep. You have confused the "Ritz" with a psych ward. :)

Joanna said...

Well, supposedly in just a few minutes I should be finding out if I get the job where if someone calls CPS on you I'd be the one to come out and teach you how to not poison your kids. So that would mean spending more time together! A good thing! Who has that SOS hotline number... ;)

PS we are amoxo city around here - Lily has a really bad ear infection and she is MISERABLE...Daisy is still getting over her ear infection ... I know these things are normal but I too am paranoid - I asked Bill, "Did the doctor get mad that I waited 3 days to bring lily in?" I waited 15 days last time and I was soooo scared she was going to call CPS on me... totally irrational, but tell Dan he's definitely not alone in his fear!

becky said...

Aw, Het. I hope today has been better and that you've been able to some rest in.

What kind of super-charged kids do you have that they aren't worn out by sickness and medication?? As much as I hate to see my kids all lethargic, I have to admit that I'd take that any day over what you've faced lately!

Het said...

I am one of those lucky moms that have kids that get spazzed out on most meds. The Robitussin DM finally kicked in about an hour after Anna took it - and she slept until 930am - she had another nasty coughing fit - so we redosed her and she slept until 1230p. So - as sick as she is - she slept 7 hours!

The albuterol is a steroid and it's known for making kids really hyper.

I remember the first time we had to give Julia Benedryl for something - and the doctor warned us that she might sleep for hours and hours. She didn't sleep for 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!! We called and they said "oh yeah - some kids react that way."

I'm not a big fan of the lethargic, sick kid... but the artificially hyper kid isn't a great option either. THey aren't really feeling so good they want to run around... they just can't rest.

Thanks though - I appreciate it!!!