Monday, February 13, 2006

As if there haven't been enough tears..

I swear these hormones are trying to rid me of any tough skin I used to have. I have cried more tonight - about unbelievably stupid things - than any one human should.

- that Dove self-esteem commercial for little girls (oh man... that just makes me sob)
- Grey's Anatomy
- the Olympics (hearing the National Anthem played - and watching a grown man cry)

ummmm way more than I can tell ya! I'm just a big baby!!


Momma said...

You are a big baby, and that's what makes you so darn lovable!

Timestep said...

There is a Tim Horton's commercial I saw on CBC that had me in tears. Dad is more interested in academics than hockey. Shows up at grandkid's hockey game and tells son that G.K is better at hockey than he is. Kid asks how he knew, dad admits he hid in the shadows watching, had pick of kid in wallet, knew position.

Oh the tears and DHs laughter at my tears.

Love the Dove commercial.