Friday, February 03, 2006

Damn, that's funny

I'm a big fan of Project Runway - and so is Julia. She knows the designers and can actually have a discussion of their work. It's one hour of TV that she sits through and is enthralled.

I'm just not sure that there is much funnier than Santino's impersonation of Tim Gunn. Geez, it's just sooo funny. Tim is pretty funny himself - but Santino's story of Tim and Andrae - is TOO much.


Kirdy said...

So what you are saying is this week's epi was a must-see?

HELLO! I keep telling Mr. Chaos I need Tivo for a reason. Dammit!

Oh well, I'll just have to catch it on one of the 98 bazillion repeats of it Bravo will run this weekend.

Kirdy said...

Hee! The code I just had to enter for this post was izzshft. Evidently blogger thinks you're the shizzle, too!