Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Look at the big brain on Brad...

ok - Julia.

Here is our conversation last night....

Me - "Did you have a good time running with dad today"

Julia - "Yes, but mom, RECENTLY I haven't been playing outside in my Barbie Jeep as much as I'd like"

Me - to myself - Recently??? Did she just say recently????

Julia - "and RECENTLY I haven't been riding my bike as much as I want"

Ok - RECENTLY???? Love that kid.

And here's a conversation with Anna .... another future nuclear scientist

Anna - "Daddy bite"

Me - "Daddy bit you?"

Anna - "yeah, daddy bite"

Me - "where did Daddy bite you"

Anna - "potty"

Ok - now this one needs some clarification. Anna's been asking for food by yelling "BITE?" at us, sometimes adding a sweet "peese?" at the end - but usually just the adamant yelling. So - as a joke we have started gently biting her on the arm when she yells it. She thinks this is hysterical. So - when she was in the bathroom (potty) with Dan brushing her teeth - she started yelling at him "BITE!" - and so he did. Funny stuff. ok - maybe it's only funny if you hear her giggling hysterically at it.

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