Wednesday, February 15, 2006


thanks so much for your sweet e-mails. they made my day.

Anna Banana is doing better today. She spent more time smiling than whining today - and that's a huge improvement. She's still very, very sick but I think she's going to beat this. She only coughed so hard she vomited twice today. That's improvement.

She's soooo cute doing her breathing treatment. She sits so patiently. I think it provides her immediate relief and she knows it. She even holds it herself now. It's sad - but cute. she will shake it when it gets toward the end and isn't putting out as much "steam".

When we turn it on she smiles and says "ooohhhhhhhhhhhh hot" since it looks like smoke.

So thanks for all the positive thoughts for her. I'm sure she'll be back to her normal crazy, silly self soon!

Edited to add sucky update: Anna was having big time coughing till she vomits fits tonight. One of them was about 10 minutes long - and she and Dan were covered in vomit. it was really, really bad, to the point where we were walking out to the door to the ER when the doctor called us back. We're trying some new drugs (cuz she's not on enough yet) and steam treatments every hour. Hopefully she'll get to sleep soon - we're bushed and this is a bit stressful wondering how seriously ill she is.

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