Saturday, February 18, 2006

Yes indeedy - they're mine...

Julia - today was Julia's big sister class at the hospital. She had a blast and said she learned a lot. They learned about choking hazards for babies and various other safety tips for dealing with babies. They were able to go up to the L&D and see a room that mommies have babies in. They also were able to stop by the nursery and saw a REAL baby. Dan said they baby was really small - but cute. Julia told him the baby was 'creepy". So yes - she is my daughter. I also find most newborns kind of 'creepy' looking. Even my own.

Anna - I'm still sick and last night was not a good night for sleep, BUT I'm so excited about being off of bedrest that I'm partying with Anna. For a snack we had Golden Oreos. Anna squealed when I gave her two. She sat right down on the floor and began her busy work of dissescting the cookies so that she could get to the creme filling. I've never seen an almost 21 month old so nimble! Both cookies came apart with no break in the creme. She scraped the cream out of the first one and ate every bite. The second one she licked the cream off the cookie. so yes - she is my daughter.

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