Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I can hear you breathe...

I'm 35 weeks 2 days pregnant. How freaking exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe in 2 weeks and possibly a couple days I will be holding my precious third dose of estrogen!

My only concern is this damn chest cold. I absolutely did not figure in hacking up green goo (not to be confused with chunky green discharge) and heavy wheezing as part of that beautiful birth experience. If you miss hearing me breathe from 3 rooms away - give me a minute and you'll be able to hear me hacking.

Oh and my voice. This baby is going to wonder who this chain smoking raspy voiced person is after she's born. For someone who has never had a SINGLE cigarette in her life - I certainly do have a lovely Marlboro voice. I said to Dan last night that I had officially crossed the line between that sexy voice into scary woman with emphysema voice. He was nice enough to lead me to believe it was still somewhat sexy.


becky said...

Aw Het! I hope you're feeling better soon and especially before the big day comes. I can't believe you're so close to the finish line with this one.

Any decisions being made on the name issue?

Het said...

We have a list of 5 names we'll take into the hospital with us... and a list of 3 boys names - JUST IN CASE!

I feel ok - if I could just stop coughing!

Thanks Becky!