Monday, February 06, 2006

Just to let you know - I'm pissed....

Tonight was a very big DVR disapointment. I always tape the Super Bowl - so I can watch the commercials on my own schedule. For some reason... it didn't tape.

Then - I added all this time to Grey's Anatomy to tape it so that if the game ran long I wouldn't miss it. It's not over yet - but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to see the end. I'm going to freak the hell out. How do you not see the end of something like this episode. I will be back... but I'm pretty sure I'll be very, very angry.

Oh - by the way - I had a great time at a Super Bowl party tonight. Really - me - out with actual people! The Steelers won too!

Edited to add: OK - I got to see the end - but A CLIffHANGER??? Come-on. What a good, great episode. WHEW - that was awesome. Luckily it switched over to tape the post game coverage and caught the end of the show. I cried no less than 10 times... and Bailey - I just want to go and hold her hand. DId you see the preview for next week????? WOW.


becky said...

I know!!!

Now I can't wait until next Sunday. I was a little irritated with the cliffhanger, but then I remembered that it could be worse in that we could be stuck waiting all summmer to see what happens next.

Addicted to TV? Me?

Um, yeah.

Timestep said...


An even better way to watch commercials at your own pace:

My heart broke for Baily too, esp when she left him the voice mail that he'd better be dead and we knew more than her.

Congrats on getting so close!