Thursday, February 02, 2006


Yes I know - you are so excited to once again hear about my HOO HA. Well - this time - you are going to be sorely disapointed. My friendly OB/GYN did not get to do a cervical check this week. He's going to wait another week to two to check it out again. I know, I know. It's sad. What the hell am I paying him for???

So - today was fun and excitement even without someone sticking a gloved, lubed hand UP my Hoo ha to squeeze around.

I had my 32 weeks appointment AND non-stress test (NST). Things are good.

I was there almost 2 hours - and almost all of that was hooked up to the damn machine! ugh. While I was there I apparently had contractions on a regular
basis - that I wasn't feeling. MR OB (who is too busy to touch my cervix) is not concerned since they weren't very strong and they were still pretty far apart and non regular. I didn't feel a single one.

She wasn't very active (which she usually isn't during that time of
day) so they kept buzzing my belly with v ibratin g wand thing to make
her jump. Ummm - this made me slightly uncomfortable. This thing is suspiciously NON-MEDICAL looking... in fact I'm pretty sure I've seen things that look like that on some of the blogs I've come along while doing a random blogspot search. THe other fun part was that the first time Mr. Too Busy OB did it - he didn't tell me what he was doing and scared the shit out of me. Apparently it scared little Miss No-Name-in-Ute as well since she jumped the hell UP and ran out of my uterus. At one point she did have the hiccups - which was just precious!

Then I got to schedule 2x a week appts and NSTs through the end of
my pregnancy - and surprise... they are considering the end of my
prengnancy MARCH 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs. Slow-as-hell-scheduler lady got to March 9 - scheduled my test for that day and then said "oh, I'm not going to schedule any more since you won't get past this" so I said "well - the nurse said to schedule
ALL of my appts now" the Mrs. SAHS lady says "yes, hun, but I have a note here
that they are going to let you go past March 9 - and not to schedule you
past that"!! I had to ask her 2 more times to be sure!

HOLY COW! Mr. OB really meant it when he said he was going to get me to 37
weeks! I thought he might have meant "don't worry fat chick - we're going to get you to AT LEAST 37 weeks." but I think now that he was saying more "Geez fat chick - I HOPE we get you to 37 weeks and then I'm done with ya, we'll load you up with some good meds and force that child out"

37 weeks - that's March 5! THat's only a month away! OH MY!
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk - it's time to panic again - I'm having
a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my - I'm going to have 3 children!!

So - I'm going to ask about that on Monday - is he really intending
to induce or does he just think I won't get that far?

other than the disappointment of not getting a HOO HA check - things went well and lucky me - I get to do it again on Monday!

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Kirdy said...

Hee. You have less than a month to go. Now who is in denial, beeyotch? ;)

Better get yer bag packed, missy!