Sunday, February 12, 2006


Things that made me smile today...

- Ghostbusters "yes, it's true, this man has no d i c k" Damn - that's funny.
- Anna smiles
-Julia's excitement as we took the extra links off the paper chain counting down to babies arrival
- Julia telling us it was time to start cleaning if we're having this baby soon
- Anna constantly picking her nose and smiling gleefully, 'boogey!"
-the Olympics (Michelle's grace in stepping aside, that cross country guy who silver medaled after starting in last place due to a fall)
- the luge - that sport just cracks me up
- cleaning my bathroom cabinets out
- napping with Anna and her cuddly, sweet self when she woke up and wanted to snuggle instead of go play
- Dan taking the girls grocery shopping
- Looking at houses in Maine!!
- Did I mention Ghostbusters?

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