Friday, January 06, 2006

Birth for sale!!!

No - I'm not thinking of giving this sweet little fetus away at birth - but after seeing Kristine's blog today... and subsequent ebay ad - I'm devishly trying to find a way to finance our daughters birth by selling various parts of the birth on ebay. (Edited here to add that in order to see Kristine's blog or the ebay ad - you just need to click on the actual words - they are hyperlinked. You are welcome, mom)

Now - I'm not interested in selling pervish pictures - or even physically allowing a stranger to be around the process - but hell - there has to be a part of the birth I can sell to help finance the COBRA payments (dear God - COBRA is a gift and a curse, is it not???) to pay for her birth. Maybe we'll print a onesie with a message of their choice on it - to have her wear shortly after birth... and then beg everyone I know it post it on their blogs or send it via email... great advertising right???

Maybe a sadist (is this the right word???) can pay me BIG bucks to NOT get an epidural... spending $500 to know that I'll be in a good amount of pain all because of them? There has to be something I can put on ebay that will sell for big bucks.

So - put on your thinking caps and let me know ---- I have 7-12 weeks to work on a plan here....

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