Friday, January 13, 2006

SPF - Friday the 13th!

It is indeed my first Stuff Portrait Friday.... and I'm lucky to begin on Friday the 13th. VERY COOL!

Jan FRIDAY THE 13th - Lucky or UNLUCKY!
Something you're afraid of.
Your Lucky Charm.
Something Friday the 13th ish (get creative)
So - Something I'm afraid of... at this point in my life the thing I'm most afraid of is something happening to my family. Not this "lack of job" problem - but things you can't beat with love and willpower - like

cancer or accidental death stuff, car accidents... terrible crappy things like that. (Could we rename this BUMMER FRIDAY??)
BUT - I used to be afraid of a lot of things... bridges for instance...

But as you can tell from my new issues - I've moved on to bigger, scarier, uglier things.


These kids keep me from doing a lot of stupid, stupid things - and since they have come into my life they have made my life better. MUCH better.

sumtin friday the 13th ish.....

Friday the 13th only means one thing to me..........

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Kelly said...

Good Job! Sorry about the cancer thing - ugh! I played too - as you know!